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Cycling Stay : Centre Val de Loire in Chitenay
Domaine le Clos Bigot 'Chateaux de la Loire'

Theme : Séjour a velo sur le circuit des Chateaux de la Loire

Label : Autres        4 étoiles

M bravo Roland
Chitenay 41120
02 54 44 21 28

Stay in Chitenay
Location Domaine le Clos Bigot 'Chateaux de la Loire' - Chitenay

Stay theme in Centre Val de Loire :

PRICES 2 nights 2 persons 230 EURO .. 3 NIGHTS: 330 EUROS 400 EUROS .. 4 NIGHTS

Benefits :      non adapté                         Refusé
Cycling Stay byclosbigot

Cycling Stay : Midi Pyrenees in Frayssinhes

Theme : Cyclotourisme

Label : B&B        

Wooldridge Maureen
Frayssinhes 46400
06 07 42 42 97

Stay in Frayssinhes
Location Laclavayrie - Frayssinhes

Stay theme in Midi Pyrenees :

This area of France has cycling routes to suit everyone from flat gentle routes along the Dordogne valley to all day very challenging rides both on or off road. This is why when it comes to cycling holidays we do not believe in a one size fits all approach. We have an itinerary of over 60 multi terrain routes alone plus hundreds of miles of quiet country lanes & roads to choose from, so whatever your interest or level of fitness we will have something suitable for every day of your cycling holiday.

Benefits : Wifi Table d'hôte      Accepté                         Accepté
Cycling Stay bycjwcjw

Cycling Stay : Languedoc Roussillon in Arrigas
Escapade en Cévennes

Theme : Randonnée Cyclo dans les Cévennes

Label : Autres        

RIVERA Catherine et Jean Marc
Arrigas 30770

Stay in Arrigas
Location Escapade en Cévennes - Arrigas

Stay theme in Languedoc Roussillon :

Initially the cottages of the Cevennes in TRIP, you can explore by bicycle, this region through various routes (radial circuits over 1000 Kms of roads with little traffic) and adjust your daily route to your desires.

Many cyclists loop circuits for all levels that will allow you to drive from our guest house for 1 week.

For mountain bikers, over 100 kms of marked trails for exploring the Parc National des Cevennes.

48 to 53 € per night for two people including breakfast.

Benefits : Chèques vacances Wifi Table d'hôte                               Refusé
Cycling Stay byescapade

Cycling Stay : Pays de Loire in Allonnes
La Thibaudière

Theme : Parcours vélo reliant la Loire à Vélo

Label : Gîtes de France        3 épis

Le Sellec Patrick
Allonnes 49650
02 41 52 33 80

Stay in Allonnes
Location La Thibaudière - Allonnes

Stay theme in Pays de Loire :

Take the road of the country side, and discover the genuine charm of the region. Just on the north of the Loire, the 7 towns Allonnes, Brain sur Allonnes, la Breille les Pins, Varennes sur Loire, Villebernier and Vivy are happy to welcome you between the Loire and the forest, through the banks of the Authion river.

Benefits : Chèques vacances Borne internet Wifi      non adapté                         Refusé
Cycling Stay

Cycling Stay : Provence Alpes côte d'Azur in Chauffayer
Le Chalet Tournesol

Theme : Découverte du Champsaur-Valgaudemar en vélo et VTT

Label : Autres        

Isabelle et Hervé Mascart - de Bertereche de Menditte Isabelle et Hervé
Chauffayer 05800
04 92 21 40 98

Stay in Chauffayer
Location Le Chalet Tournesol - Chauffayer

Stay theme in Provence Alpes côte d'Azur :

Enjoy your weekends and vacations to come and sample the delights of living in a dome mountain! The Sunflower Cottage is a house ecological Domespace. Room and meals in an original ecological house, all in wood. A house round, dome-shaped, and ... running! Hervé, coach and graduate mountain bike enthusiast, you will discover by bike or ATV of natural and cultural wonders of the Champsaur-Valgaudemar ... Valley Valgaudemar is labeled 'Site-VTT FFC' ... The table d'hôtes Isabelle you enjoy regional specialties and dishes based on wild plants ... Upon return from your walks sports, you can relax in the Jacuzzi ... - 80 to 100 € per night for 2 people including breakfast - dinner, drinks included: 25 euros per person - for your bike rides, snacks available! Prices for families, ls small groups (6 to 12 persons) and long stays, contact us for a customized proposal!

Benefits : Carte bleue Chèques vacances Borne internet Wifi Table d'hôte      Accepté                         Accepté
Cycling Stay byMG

Cycling Stay : Centre Val de Loire in Chinon
Logis Saint Mexme

Theme : La Loire à vélo en Touraine

Label : Autres        

CRAYE Helene et Jean Michel
Chinon 37500
+33 (0)2 47 95 56 14 Port : +33 06 08 75 63 81

Stay in Chinon
Location Logis Saint Mexme - Chinon

Stay theme in Centre Val de Loire :

The banks of the Loire show, over miles, unsuspected places and landscapes of pure beauty. Discover cycling remains a very pleasant and privileged. The entire route is signposted in both directions. We offer accommodation in rooms and breakfast charming 67 € to 83 € per night 2 people breakfast included. Send us an email for more information ...

Benefits : Wifi                               Accepté
Cycling Stay byjmcraye

Cycling Stay : Midi-Pyrénées in Mirande
La Grange aux Arts

Theme : Circuits VTT

Label : Gîtes de France        3 épis

Dill Pascale et Bernard
Mirande 32300
05 62 59 01 47 Port : 06 74 06 53 23

Stay in Mirande
Location La Grange aux Arts - Mirande

Stay theme in Midi-Pyrénées :

At the Grange Arts at Pascale and Bernard, you will find a welcoming place 3 km away from Miranda. An ideal base for making numerous mountain bike trails and walking trails. When you return, good moments in perspective in the shade of mulberry trees and cool in the pool ... Your guest room at 53 € per night 2 pers pt bf. understood. Send us an email for more information ...

Benefits : Chèques vacances Wifi                               Refusé
Cycling Stay bylagran

Cycling Stay : Pays de la Loire in Île de Béhuard
La maison sur l'île

Theme : La Loire en Vélo

Label : Eco label Européen        Ecolabel

Krembel Janne et Francis
Île de Béhuard 49170
02 41 73 10 77

Stay in Île de Béhuard
Location La maison sur l'île - Île de Béhuard

Stay theme in Pays de la Loire :

Janne and Francis welcome you on this island, labeled 'petite cité de caractère' between the slopes of Savennieres and Rochefort sur Loire and Angers 15 km, 80 km from Nantes, 150 km from the Atlantic coast. Pays de Loire region, we are adhering to 'BICYCLE IN THE LOIRE. We can book a bike owner. An enclosed area to shield them with equipment puncture available. Walking along the Loire (Opportunities go up to 15 km Angers). Your accommodation in guest houses, South overlooking the garden and the Loire. A family with 2 or 3 children can be accepted or two couples of friends. Send us an email for more information ...

Benefits : Wifi      non adapté                         Refusé
Cycling Stay byjanne

Cycling Stay : Auvergne in Saint Germain Lembron
La Maison de Marie Camille

Theme : Séjour cyclotourisme

Label : Gîtes de France        3 épis

Marotte Fabien
Saint Germain Lembron 63340
04 73 96 45 73

Stay in Saint Germain Lembron
Location La Maison de Marie Camille - Saint Germain Lembron

Stay theme in Auvergne :

At the heart of the Auvergne our cycling friends are welcome, our rooms and our house is ready to receive them, we have a place to park bicycles in safety. We will be happy to show you the path of our region. The cost of our guest rooms for your accommodation is 68 € to 88 € per night 2 pers. According to the Board. We can also offer to share our table d'hotes. Send us an email for more information ...

Benefits : Chèques vacances Borne internet Wifi Table d'hôte      non adapté                         Refusé
Cycling Stay bymarottefab

Cycling Stay : Midi Pyrenees in Catus
La Galerie

Theme : Cyclotourisme

Label : Clé d'Or        3 tours Clés d'Or

La Galerie
Catus 46150
05 65 21 72 95

Stay in Catus
Location La Galerie - Catus

Stay theme in Midi Pyrenees :

Gallery, guest rooms of charm in the quiet countryside near Cahors, Lot Valley. There are many small streets and bike routes and mountain biking in the region, and the card circuits randonnées cyclo is available and it is also possible to rent a bike near here.

Benefits : Wifi      Accepté                         Refusé
Cycling Stay

Cycling Stay : Languedoc Roussillon in Castelnaudary

Theme : Balade en péniche

Label : Fleurs de Soleil        3 étoiles

Le Moysan Brigitte
Castelnaudary 11400
+33 (0)4 68 23 18 73 ou Tél port : +33 (0) 6 81 18 26 90

Stay in Castelnaudary
Location MAISON GRIMAUDE - Castelnaudary

Stay theme in Languedoc Roussillon :

A Castelnaudary is aboard the barge Saint Roch you stroll for an hour or two. You can also rent a day or evening. Accommodation in rooms of 65 to 95 euros depending on the room for two people including breakfast

Benefits : Wifi      non adapté                         Refusé

Cycling Stay : Rhône-Alpes in Cuisiat
Chambre d'hôtes LES TROIS COLLINES à Cuisiat

Theme : cyclotourisme

Label : Autres        


Stay in Cuisiat
Location Chambre d'hôtes LES TROIS COLLINES  à Cuisiat - Cuisiat

Stay theme in Rhône-Alpes :

Buissonnière walks and discovering unusual! Lovers of cycling are well aware of our little corner of Revermont department of Ain in particular Revermont offer cycling enthusiasts walks or gentle rolling smoothly and for the athletes who prefer to drop a few circuits more difficult to be offered also a! Guide de L'Ain bicycle benchmark in cycling, is available free in our Bed and Breakfast.

Benefits :      non adapté                         Refusé
Cycling Stay bylecram

Cycling Stay : ALSACE in Munchhausen
Gite d'accueil au Pays Rhenan


Label : Gîtes de France        1 épi

Pays Rhenan
Munchhausen 67470
03 88 86 11 99

Stay in Munchhausen
Location Gite d'accueil au Pays Rhenan - Munchhausen

Stay theme in ALSACE :

The course will appeal to those looking at the inside of the Rhine Park PAMINA an oasis of peace without sacrificing to make the sporting exercice.La 't is not necessary. It will take time if stop to discover the landscape. The route avoids the traffic and urban areas. The quiet backwaters of the Rhine and gravel invited to flanerie.Ni quite secure site, or typical museum, the park's core life on the Rhine. The interactions between the man and the river in their historical, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual values are presented in eight museums spread either side of the Rhine. Each addresses a specific aspect of the theme. A Center for Initiation to Nature and the Environment Munchhausen, and more than forty stations along the way, information on attractions to discover complete the park.

Benefits : Table d'hôte      Accepté                         Refusé
Cycling Stay byfrancis

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