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Near to Chaumont en Vexin, Pontoise, Meru
Bed and breakfast in Fay les Etangs
5 kms de Chaumont en Vexin 30 KMs of Pontoise (A15) 18 Meru (A16). In an enclave between Normandy and Picardy, our old farmhouse aged 300 years is one of the oldest and most typical of the region.

Fay les Etangs - Bed and breakfast Oise
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56 € la nuit 2 pers pt dej. compris

Near to Lyons la Forêt-Gisors- Beauvais
Bed and breakfast in Saint Germer de Fly
A 90 kms from Paris, between Normandy and Picardy, 200m of a Romanesque abbey and its 12th century Gothic chapel. The house is located in the center of Saint Germer, in the Oise, 200 m from Romanesque abbey and a Gothic chapel.

Saint Germer de Fly - Bed and breakfast Oise
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90 € la nuit 2 pers. pt déj. compris

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